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Questions asked in the social insurance for seafarers

Questions asked in the social insurance for seafarers
Am I permitted to have additional earnings when I draw a transitional allowance?Answer >>>
Priority is to be given to unemployment benefit I. Do I therefore have to refuse prospective employment on land or such as I am offered by the employment agency or even terminate my current employment on land?Answer >>>
How long does it take to process an application?Answer >>>
Do I have to pay tax on the transitional allowance?Answer >>>
Can I be exempted from the contribution liability as an employee?Answer >>>
I have worked until commencement of the payment of my retirement pension. Will the contributions be reimbursed?Answer >>>
My ship-owner wants to employee me on board a ship which sails under a foreign flag.
What relevance does this have for the insurance?
Answer >>>
I am in receipt of a transitional allowance and have received an offer to return to sea as a temporary holiday replacement. Is that possible?Answer >>>
I am in receipt of a pension due to a reduction in earning capacity. Health and nursing care insurance contributions were deducted from this. The same is the case with the transitional allowance. This means that I am paying double!Answer >>>
Why do I have to continue to register with the employment agency after I no longer receive unemployment benefit I, although I receive a transitional allowance?Answer >>>
I will soon attain the age of 60. Does this have an effect on my transitional allowance?Answer >>>
I will only terminate my nautical employment when I attain my statutory retirement age (65-67). Can I still receive benefits then?Answer >>>
What should also be taken into account?Answer >>>

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